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  • Voting power in the polls.
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  • Bikini exercises at home
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I want you to know that if you can be one of the Platinum Users should know that part of this revenue use them to help different causes that need it. I love that you can be part of this initiative and thank you for your cooperation.

This VIP level includes:

  • - Up to 1 month personalized video as you ask me, in what I agree to do.
  • - Chat with me
  • - Live broadcast while I record my videos here.
  • - Live broadcast while I change to go to parties, play my music because I'm a DJ, or just quiet in my house.
  • - Chat personalized, be friends 🙂
  • - I'll be your counselor if you want to know more about the Fitness and why not your personal virtual Trainner.
  • - But everything including the previous level.