AntoFit Foundation:

The AntoFit Foundation is a project that will allow me to help animals (foundations and organizations that need more)

Today in my country and in the world, there are thousands of organizations that help animals (even with low incomes), care for the planet and serve critical situations. I am one of those who are sure that if every human being would bring their grain of sand the world would be a much better place.

But always in life you have to start with yourself, so that from the hundreds of messages I receive daily asking me exclusive content, photos, videos, classes gym, consultations training, eating and healthy lifestyle, I decided to create a subscription model that allows anyone in the world to access all that content and paying a small monthly sum of money and become part of my community vip.

From my side, I promise to upload materials, answer questions, and participate very actively, in order that together we can create a real community sense.

Part of the proceeds will will go channeling various agencies, foundations, and individuals excellent that, the equal of what I do happens, they find happiness by helping animals and achievement that we overcome what we will communicate in this section "Foundation "this web site.

They are willing / as to prove to ourselves that we can be better people while having fun?

You dare?

Thank you very much for being here.

Antonela Ramirez