Antonela Ramirez, born in Leandro N Alem, Province of Misiones. Lives in Posadas, is 27, is Personal Trainer, famous DJ and studying Public Relations. Missionary beautiful addition to having an amazing body has almost 500,000 followers in their social networks that allow you to confirm that you expected something big.

500,000 followers !!! ??? Yes ... without leaving almost press.

Influencer by nature, clothing brands, bikinis, spa, hotels, creams, fitness brands, line up to viralizar content from social networks Anto. But she, as a good missionary, has only one mission ... Helping those in need.

Antonela detected in his role as entrepreneur, thousands of men and women asked him to upload photos in one way or another, it receives more than 500 messages per day, and has demand tremendous virtual students who want to receive their classes gym.

One day he asked ...

and if I build a digital medium where all this is a little more professional? and if I create a subscription model that allows me to monetize my content? and if that I help people who really need it? !!

each of the questions led her to understand who he was becoming.
AntoFit​, su nueva marca, será uno de los principales sitios donde a través de un modelo de suscripción los mega fans de Antonela podrán acceder a contenido exclusivo para ellos/as. Fotos a demanda, videos, clases particulares de gym en casa, chat con ella y hasta una sección que cada vez se hace más tendencia en el mundo que es lo que se llama “Try on Haul” (Probarse ropa para un grupo de privilegiados que podrán recomendarle que le queda mejor).
Próximamemnte have an App latest technology that will allow you to build your own digital community MEGAFANS. A group of professionals from the IT industry located in the United States are developing what will soon be a multiplatform Fitness Canal, which already has the most attractive Personal Trainer. Apps that have content and multiplatform TV and Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Samsung, LG, and even video game consoles.

Antonela is a clear example of decentralization of media and as content owners are the owners of power as technology allows distributing

content across multiple devices to the extent of any citizen. Brands already know this, and why influencers as Antonela happen to have a great opportunity to build their own digital media.

While Argentines are so attentive to inflation, how is the dollar, and political problems, fortunately young entrepreneurs who put the focus on the development, growth and opportunity to the world out there yet.

Ping Pong Antonela:

  • Full name?
    Antonela Ramirez Vivis in: Posadas, Province of Misiones.
  • Age?
    27 years.
  • Measurements?
  • Hobby?
    Animal watching documentaries, physical activity and activities outdoors.
  • That you love?
    Wild Nature.
  • City that you like?
    Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.
  • Something you'd like to give away to you?
    A meaningful gift.
  • You hate?
    The preguntontas.
  • What are your goals?
    Help those in need, receive me, traveling the world 1 year.
  • What is your job?
    I am studying, I DJ and make content networks.